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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are provided in this section. 

The first posting of FAQs will be in August. The last posting of FAQs will be in the latter part of January, after bidders are registered to participate in the Auctions. From that point, questions and answers are emailed directly to Registered Bidders and are not posted to the BGS Auction website. Questions that are not from Registered Bidders or their advisors are answered strictly on a best efforts basis.

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What is the different between Initial Comments (due September 6, 2017) and Final Comments (due October 4, 2017) on BGS proposals?

Suppliers have an opportunity to comment on any BGS proposal as part of the regulatory proceeding (Docket No. ER17040335) before the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (“Board”). Initial Comments follow the BGS proposals filed with the Board by July 1. Suppliers can use the Initial Comments to submit comments on the EDCs’ proposal and filing. Final Comments follow the Legislative-type hearing by the Board schedule for September 28. While there are no restrictions on the nature of the Initial Comments, Final Comments should only be used to respond to issues raised either in the Initial Comments or at the Legislative-type Hearing. They should not be used to raise new issues in this proceeding.

All comments must be filed with the Board’s Secretary, and also be electronically served via email to parties on the e-service list. Parties wishing to be added to this list may send a request by email to Stacy Peterson (address available from the BGS Auction Manager upon request).

8/29/2017, in General.

How will NJ Solar bill Assembly # 441 impact BGS Suppliers’ solar obligations?

The bill does not appear to have any interaction with or impact on BGS Suppliers’ solar obligations. However, it is the responsibility of each bidder to reach its own conclusions and evaluation of regulatory or legal changes.

8/15/2017, in Supplier Master Agreement .

There are no questions posted to the FAQ archives on the BGS Auction website. Where can I find FAQs from previous auctions?

The documents and FAQs of the BGS Auction website are refreshed every year to include only content relevant for the upcoming BGS Auctions. The FAQ Archive page is for FAQs posted since the refresh of the BGS Auction website but that are no longer relevant at the present time. FAQs from prior BGS Auctions are no longer available.

8/15/2017, in General.
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What accounts for changes in Peak Load Shares that are observable between May and June?

The Peak Load Share is based on PJM’s determination of the zonal peak for capacity. PJM determines the peak load for capacity purposes based on historical weather normalized peak loads in the five highest load hours on different days in the previous year. Capacity peak load shares are updated by PJM effective each June 1 and apply for one year.

8/15/2017, in Data.

Please provide the Network Service Peak Load ("NSPL") data for each of the four EDCs.

The EDCs provide only historical data. The EDCs have provided Network Service Peak Load (“NSPL”) data for a day in January.

PSE&G (01/19/2017):

Total TPS: 3,984.6
Total BGS: 5,765.4
TPS CIEP: 1,668.3
BGS CIEP: 286.3
TPS RSCP: 2,316.3
BGS RSCP: 5,479.1

JCP&L (01/02/2017):
Total TPS: 5,820.9
Total BGS: 3,356.8
TPS CIEP Eligible: 874
BGS-CIEP: 100.5
TPS RSCP Eligible: 4,946.9
BGS-RSCP: 3,252.4

ACE (01/12/2017):
Total TPS: 950.2
Total Eligible: 2,539.9
CIEP Eligible: 351.4
BGS-CIEP: 46.9
RSCP Eligible: 2,188.5
BGS-RSCP: 1,542.8

RECO (1/19/2017):
Total TPS: 128.4
Total BGS: 314.0
CIEP Eligible: 52.4
RSCP Eligible: 390.0
BGS-RSCP: 309.1

8/15/2017, in Data.

Does submitting comments in the BGS proceeding create an obligation for us to participate in the Auctions?

Companies may submit comments on all proposals without an obligation to participate in the BGS Auctions. Please see the Calendar tab of the BGS Auction website for more information on deadlines for Initial and Final Comment submission.

8/15/2017, in General.

Could you please provide the firm transmission service rate announced before each of the last three Auctions? Are filings and orders for changes in the transmission rate available on the BGS Auction website?

The base rates for firm transmission service are announced before each Auction. The rates announced before the past three Auctions are provided below. Rate for Firm Transmission Service ($/MW-day) 





















Filings and Orders regarding changes in the transmission rate under Section 15.9 of the Supplier Master Agreement can be found on the BPU Links page.

8/15/2017, in Supplier Master Agreement .
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I am new to the BGS Auction. I have registered to the website. Is there anything else I need to do to receive announcements from the BGS Auction Manager?

All individuals who register to the BGS Auction website ( receive our announcements and email notifications. The announcements are also posted to the BGS Auction website (

8/15/2017, in General.

Where can I find the results from previous BGS Auctions?

Results for previous BGS-RSCP and BGS-CIEP Auctions, with all publicly available data including the list of winning suppliers, number of tranches won, and final prices, have been posted to the “past results” page of the “auction” tab of BGS Auction website.

8/15/2017, in General.

Can you provide an estimate of the planning year 2017/2018 PLC values for a given known composition for BGS and CIEP on and off service customers utilizing new zonal weather-normalized PLC values and the five coincident peak hours provided by PJM for the planning year 2017/2018?

The information you are requesting cannot be made available from the EDCs at this time as it is not historical data developed in the normal course of business. It would require a custom inquiry to the customer data system. The EDCs have never provided implied data.

8/15/2017, in Data.

The registration function on the BGS website appears to be malfunctioning.  How can I register to the website?

Thank you for bringing this technical issue to our attention.  We will send an announcement as soon as functionality is fully restored.  In the meantime, you may provide your contact information (your name, company name, email address, and telephone) to the BGS Auction Manager and we will add you to the list of registrants.

8/15/2017, in General.
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Is the hourly load data reported in Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Prevailing Time?

The data in the BGS Data Room is reported in Eastern Prevailing Time (“EPT”).

8/15/2017, in Data.

Does the BGS-CIEP closing price determine the rate at which each EDC charges its BGS-CIEP customers?

A BGS-CIEP Supplier provides full-requirements service for the percentage of the EDC’s BGS-CIEP Load corresponding to the number of tranches won. A BGS-CIEP Supplier receives the price determined at the Auction applied to the supplier’s share of the BGS-CIEP capacity obligation. A BGS-CIEP Supplier also receives the following payments: (i) an EDC-specific network transmission rate applied to the supplier’s share of the BGS-CIEP transmission obligation; (ii) a fixed ancillary service payment rate applied to the supplier’s share of BGS-CIEP Load (energy); (iii) the “Hourly Real-Time Spot Price”, which refers to the PJM load-weighted average Residual Metered Load aggregate Real-Time Locational Marginal Price for the zone, applied to the supplier’s share of BGS-CIEP Load (energy); and (iv) the CIEP Standby Fee.

With respect to the rates paid by BGS-CIEP customers, the transmission rate is based on either a demand charge or transmission obligation charge, depending on the EDC. The energy rate is the Hourly Real-Time Spot Price, which will be adjusted each hour by the relevant EDC loss expansion factor. The ancillary service rate will be a pre-determined value based on the ancillary service payment rate to suppliers adjusted for losses. The price for an EDC is the final Auction price for that EDC and will be assessed as a specific capacity obligation charge, demand charge, or energy charge.

8/15/2017, in Rates.

Are BGS Suppliers paired with individual customers or with customers within an EDC’s subzone?

Each tranche represents a set percentage of BGS (BGS-RSCP or BGS-CIEP) Load for the EDC. The tranches are neither specific to a set of customers or to a subzone. BGS Suppliers are not paired with individual customers.

8/15/2017, in General.

What is BGS and how can I be added to your email list to receive announcements?

While the BGS Auction website contains some general information of interest to all stakeholders, this website is mainly established for suppliers that bid to provide supply to BGS customers. “BGS” refers to Basic Generation Service, which is the service that each Electric Distribution Company (i.e., Public Service Electric and Gas Company (“PSE&G”), Jersey Central Power & Light Company (“JCP&L”), Atlantic City Electric Company (“ACE”), and Rockland Electric Company (“RECO”)) provides to its customers. Each year since 2002, these four New Jersey Electric Distribution Companies have procured electric supply to serve their BGS customers through a statewide auction process held in February.

This website is to provide information to suppliers that are potential bidders in the statewide auction process. All individuals who register to the BGS Auction website ( receive our announcements and email notifications.

8/15/2017, in General.
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What is the primary function of the BGS Auction website?

While the BGS Auction website contains some general information of interest to all stakeholders, most of the more detailed information on the BGS Auction website is directed to suppliers that bid to provide supply to BGS customers. The BGS Auction website maintains results from previous auctions (on the “past results” page of the “auction” tab) and provides historical load data in the BGS Data Room. The BGS Auction website does not maintain other historical data such as past auction documents or historical rates. Stakeholders may wish to consult other sources for information of that type, such as their Electric Distribution Company’s (“EDC’s”) website.

8/15/2017, in General.

How does the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (“Board”) grant authority for BGS Suppliers to sell full requirements supply to the EDCs?

The Board issues an Order at the conclusion of the Auction Process. The Orders are found on the “past results” tab of the “auction” page. If the Board approves the auction results, the Board certifies the final results of the Auctions, approves the closing prices, and orders the EDCs to execute the BGS Supplier Master Agreements by which the BGS Suppliers sell full requirements supply to the EDCs.

8/15/2017, in General.

When are the 2018 BGS Auctions?

In response to a request by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (“Board”), the EDCs filed a proposal to procure supply to meet BGS load on June 30, 2017 (the "July Filing"). This proposal included a tentative auction timeline. After conducting hearings and reviewing comments from all interested parties, the Board will make a decision on the all BGS proposals. The schedule, including auction start dates, is considered by the Board at that time. The proposed start dates in the July Filing are February 2, 2018 and February 5, 2018 for the BGS-CIEP Auction and the BGS-RSCP Auction respectively.

8/15/2017, in General.

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