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Can you please confirm the Capacity PLA values for RECO?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We will... Read Answer



Do the EDCs warrant the accuracy of the data posted in the BGS Data Room?

All data in the BGS Data Room are provided for... Read Answer



There appears to be an error in accounting for  daylight savings in the November 2019 PSE&G hourly load data.  Can you also please post corrected data and explain how PSE&G accounts for daylight savings dates in their data?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  The... Read Answer



In the wake of COVID-19, and as a result of subsequent stay-at-home mandates, is there any plan on the part of the EDCs to change the methodology as to the allocation of PLA to RSCP and CIEP customers?

Each EDC files their own methodology to the FERC. At this... Read Answer



The ACE BGS-RSCP Hourly Load and ACE BGS-RSCP Eligible Hourly Load files of the January 2020 update appear to be incomplete.  Can you please check?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  Updated... Read Answer



How is BGS Load calculated?  Is there BGS Load data posted to the BGS Auction website?

Total BGS Load is zonal load (all customers) less (i)... Read Answer



When does new data get posted to the BGS Data Room?  Is this the most up-to-date data or can preliminary data also be made available?

The BGS Data Room is updated by the 17th of each... Read Answer



It seems that the PSE&G NSPL data provided for a day in January 2020 does not match the total retail transmission PLA provided in the Monthly Data Page of the BGS Data Room.  Can you confirm that the total retail transmission PLA data is correct?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  The... Read Answer



Could you please provide at least one year of historical data associated with the St. Lawrence project so that we can adjust the JCP&L Peak Load Allocations and other monthly data series?

The hourly load and peak load allocation values in the... Read Answer



Can you please specify whether the NSPL values provided in FAQ-19 are scaled or unscaled?

The NSPL values provided for both ACE and PSE&G in... Read Answer



Can you confirm that the data in Table VII-2 of the BGS-RSCP Auction Rules  includes the 10 MW attributable to the St. Lawrence project and the historical data in the Data Room is gross of the St Lawrence 10 MW?

Yes, the Peak Load Share in Table VII-2 of the BGS-RSCP... Read Answer



Can the EDCs provide 2020 NSPL data for a day in January for RSCP and CIEP?

Please find below NSPL data for each EDC for a day in... Read Answer



Is the hourly load data reported in Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Prevailing Time?

The data in the BGS Data Room is reported in Eastern... Read Answer


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