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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are provided in this section.

The first posting of FAQs is in August.  The last posting of FAQs is in the latter part of January, after bidders are registered to participate in the Auctions.  From that point, questions and answers are emailed directly to Registered Bidders and are not posted to the BGS Auction website.  Questions that are not from Registered Bidders or their advisors are answered strictly as time permits.

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Can you please confirm the Capacity PLA values for RECO?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We will provide revised data as soon as it becomes available.

1/15/2021, in Data.

What are the submission instructions for providing a bid bond as pre-auction security?

The Bid Bond must be submitted as an electronic PDF file ONLY (not in hardcopy) with the two signatures from the Surety. The Bid Bond must be executed with the Surety’s and the Principal’s signatures together in one document or separately in two documents. If providing the Principal’s (Qualified Bidder’s) signature in a separate document, the Principal may:

• Complete using a digital signature (using commercially available software such as DocuSign) and submit the separate document via email to the BGS Auction Manager at or by upload to the online Part 2 Application Form with an accompanying document or information verifying the identity of the signatory; or

• Complete with a scanned wet signature or an electronic signature (such as an image of a signature) and submitted via email to the BGS Auction Manager at by the signatory or with the signatory on copy."

1/14/2021, in Application, Pre-Auction Security.

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