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Welcome to the BGS Data Room.

The BGS Data Room is available to assist prospective electricity suppliers who may wish to participate in the competitive bidding process for Basic Generation Service (BGS). The New Jersey Electric Distribution Companies (EDCs) are providing their own company-specific historical data to market participants. Data items on the Monthly Data page are typically updated monthly, on or before the 17th of each month. For a description of the data series on the Monthly Data page, click here.

Data items on the Additional Data page are updated occasionally. For a description of the data series on the Additional Data page, click here.

Do you have a question about New Jersey's Renewable Portfolio Standard?

  • For more information about the EDCs' undertaking concerning renewable portfolio standards, please go to the BPU Docs page.

Do you have a question about PJM's Auction Revenue Rights?

  • To find more information about PJM's Annual Auction Revenue Rights Allocation, please go to the PJM Links page.

Each cell in the tables on the Data Room pages contains information about the associated data series:

  • The icon indicates the file format. Clicking on this icon will download the file.
  • The date below the icon is the date at which the file was posted.
  • The month shown in parenthesis is the last month for which data are available.
Data table guide Legend
Data Guide and Legend Guide

All data in the Data Room are provided for informational purposes only. The EDCs have compiled the data in good faith from sources believed by the EDCs to be reliable but do not warrant the accuracy of the data. It is the responsibility of bidders who use these posted data to determine whether and how they should be applied and by utilizing the data, prospective auction participants assume all risk associated therewith.

Further, there is no representation that these data are indicative of future outcomes. Without limitation of the foregoing, prospective bidders should carefully assess the uncertainty associated with future load obligations, including variations in customer usage, migration to Third Party Suppliers, and the possible expansion of the CIEP class.

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