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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are provided in this section. 

The first posting of FAQs is in August.  The last posting of FAQs is in the latter part of January, after bidders are registered to participate in the Auctions.   From that point, questions and answers are emailed directly to Registered Bidders and are not posted to the BGS Auction website.  Questions that are not from Registered Bidders or their advisors are answered strictly on a best efforts basis.

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Our internal procedures require us to obtain W-9s for each of the EDCs as beneficiaries to the Pre-Auction Letter of Credit. Can you please provide those documents?

These documents are available upon request from the Auction... Read Answer



Is an Applicant to the BGS Auctions required to be a Load-Serving Entity (“LSE”) in the PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. (“PJM”) at the time of submitting the Part 1 Application?

No, the Applicant is not required to be a PJM LSE at the... Read Answer



We do not have an office in New Jersey and we do not have a legal representative in New Jersey. What are our options to comply with the requirements of Section 3 of the Part 1 Application?

Section 3 of the Part 1 Application does not compel the... Read Answer



What is meant by the term “third party” in Section 6 of the Part 1 Application?  Is a parent company considered a “third party” for purposes of relying on the financial standing of a guarantor?

Section 6 of the Part 1 Application requires the Applicant... Read Answer



What is the deadline to submit a Part 1 Application for the 2020 BGS Auctions?

The initial schedule for the 2020 BGS Auctions proposed by... Read Answer



When will the online Part 2 Form become available?

Updated:  It is expected that the online Part 2 Form... Read Answer



Can you please clarify whether the NSPL values provided in FAQ-16 are already scaled by their corresponding NSPL Daily Zonal Scaling Factors?

The NSPL values provided for both ACE and PSE&G in... Read Answer


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