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Supplier Master Agreement


Can you please provide redlines comparing the Supplier Master Agreements included as part of the July filing and their final versions?

There are no changes between the Supplier Master Agreements... Read Answer



Can you please provide redline documents comparing this year’s Supplier Master Agreements and Auction Rules to last year’s Supplier Master Agreements and Auction Rules?

The Auction Manager has posted redlines comparing the 2021... Read Answer



When will existing BGS Suppliers receive documents to review for the payment of currently held tracked amounts under former section 15.9 of the SMA?

The Board initiated a separate proceeding related to... Read Answer



If the Board approves removing transmission from existing BGS contracts, will the auction price paid to suppliers change?

Should the Board approve the removal of transmission from... Read Answer



Each Supplement to the BGS-RSCP Supplier Master Agreement (“BGS-RSCP SMA”) will specify the capacity proxy price that bidders can use to formulate their bids.  Will the Supplement also specify the Forecasted Pool Requirement and Obligation Peak Load Scaling Factors for the delivery period?

When the BRA results are known before the BGS auction... Read Answer



If a BGS-RSCP Supplier is granted an Independent Credit Threshold (“ICT”) that more than fully covers the aggregate ICR amounts under all BGS Agreements with an EDC, is it correct that such a BGS-RSCP Supplier will not be required to post security in the form of cash or a letter of credit upon execution of the BGS-RSCP Agreement with that EDC?

That is correct.  The ICT for a BGS-RSCP Supplier can... Read Answer



Our bank has noted that Paragraph 8 of the Post-Auction Letter of Credit says that the Applicant pays fees, including transfer fees, while Annex 4 of the Post-Auction Letter of Credit seems to indicate that transfer fees are paid by the Beneficiary.  Will the EDCs include a modification to account for any inconsistency between these provisions?

Yes, a modification has been included by the EDCs as part... Read Answer



The BGS-RSCP Supplier Master Agreement states that if a BGS-RSCP Supplier fails to provide collateral on time in response to a margin call, there is no cure period and this results in an automatic termination.  How is this managed in practice?  Could we expect the EDC to follow up if collateral is not received at the expected time?

A BGS-RSCP Supplier that receives a margin call and is... Read Answer



Can you please provide a sample monthly invoice for the BGS-CIEP product? I am interested to see how the PMEA and PHEA charges/credits are lined out separately.

Sample invoices are available from the BGS Auction Manager... Read Answer


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