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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are provided in this section. 

The first posting of FAQs is in August. The last posting of FAQs is in the latter part of January, after bidders are registered to participate in the Auctions. From that point, questions and answers are emailed directly  to Registered Bidders and are not posted to the BGS Auction website. Questions that are not from Registered Bidders or their advisors are answered strictly as time permits.

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What is BGS?

“BGS” refers to Basic Generation Service, which is the service that each Electric Distribution Company (i.e., Public Service Electric and Gas Company (“PSE&G”), Jersey Central Power & Light Company (“JCP&L”), Atlantic City Electric Company (“ACE”), and Rockland Electric Company (“RECO”)) provides to its customers. Each year since 2002, these four New Jersey Electric Distribution Companies have procured electric supply to serve their BGS customers through a statewide auction process held in February.

8/10/2023, in General.

What is the primary function of the BGS Auction website?

While the BGS Auction website contains some general information of interest to all stakeholders, most of the more detailed information on the BGS Auction website is directed to suppliers that bid to provide supply to BGS customers. The BGS Auction website maintains results from previous auctions (on the “past results” page of the “auction” tab) and provides historical load data in the BGS Data Room. The BGS Auction website does not maintain other historical data such as past auction documents or historical rates. Stakeholders may wish to consult other sources for information of that type, such as their Electric Distribution Company’s (“EDC’s”) website.

8/10/2023, in General.

How does the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (“Board”) grant authority for BGS suppliers to sell full requirements supply to the EDCs?

The Board issues an Order at the conclusion of the Auction Process. The Orders are found on the “bgs orders” tab of the “auction” page. If the Board approves the auction results, the Board certifies the final results of the Auctions, approves the closing prices, and orders the EDCs to execute the BGS Supplier Master Agreements by which the BGS suppliers sell full requirements supply to the EDCs.

8/10/2023, in General.
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When are the 2024 BGS Auctions expected to take place?

In response to a request by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, the EDCs filed a proposal to procure supply to meet BGS load by July 3, 2023 (the “July Filing”). This proposal includes a tentative auction timeline. The proposed start dates are February 2, 2024 and February 5, 2024 for the BGS-CIEP Auction and the BGS-RSCP Auction, respectively.

8/10/2023, in General.

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