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Can you please describe what eligible means in the context of BGS customers? Additionally, what is the “% Switching” statistic on the Monthly Data page?

Eligible customers are customers who take BGS and customers... Read Answer



What do the “Switching Statistics” data on the Monthly Data page include? Do they include information related to switching between Third Party Suppliers?

The “Switching Statistics” data that is... Read Answer



Will the transfer of responsibility from BGS Suppliers to the EDCs of Unaccounted for Energy (“UFE”), meter corrections, and inadvertent energy impact the process to establish Peak Load Contribution (“PLC”) or Network Service Peak Load (“NSPL”) values?

PLC and NSPL values are established by PJM, and not the... Read Answer



Could you please provide historical data relating to Unaccounted for Energy (“UFE”) , meter corrections, and inadvertent energy?

Please refer to BGS Data Discovery Responses RCR-BGS-0009... Read Answer



The metered hourly load data reported by PJM does not seem to match the “Total Retail Hourly Load” data posted to the monthly data room on the BGS Auction website. Can you please explain why these datasets do not exactly equal one another?

The two datasets you reference are not equivalent... Read Answer



Are historical versions of the BGS-RSCP Pricing Factors available?

The BGS-RSCP Pricing Factor spreadsheets are provided each... Read Answer



I noticed that JCP&L’s Daily Zonal Scaling Factor data increased beginning in 2021.  Are you able to provide an explanation for this change?

The scaling factor increase is due to a Power Meter error.... Read Answer



I see in the Data Description Document on the Monthly Data page that JCP&L has historical BGS-CIEP Eligible Hourly Load data.  Could you please refer me to the file that contains this data?

The GS and GST historical hourly load datasets for... Read Answer



Are contracts executed between municipalities and Third Party Suppliers (“TPSs”) pursuant to a Government Energy Aggregation (“GEA”) Program filed with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (“Board”)? Are these publicly available?

Yes, contracts executed between municipalities and TPSs as... Read Answer



Are the Peak Load Allocation (“PLA”) and Network Service Peak Load (“NSPL”) data in the BGS Data Room scaled or un-scaled?

Please see the data description document on the monthly... Read Answer



Are the NSPL values provided for a day in January in FAQ-10 scaled? 

The NSPL values provided for both ACE and PSE&G in... Read Answer



Can you please provide NSPL data for each EDC for a day in January 2021?

Please find below NSPL data for each EDC for a day in... Read Answer



Are TREC obligations the responsibility of the BGS Suppliers or EDCs?  Does this impact a BGS Supplier’s solar obligations under the Renewable Portfolio Standards?

Load Serving Entities (“LSEs”) in New Jersey... Read Answer



Is the hourly load data reported in Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Prevailing Time?

The data in the BGS Data Room is reported in Eastern... Read Answer


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