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How will the monthly payment to BGS-RSCP Suppliers be adjusted to account for the transfer of the transmission obligation from the BGS-RSCP Supplier to the EDC if we elect to execute the Transmission Amendment(s)?

The Transmission Amendments are signed at the discretion of... Read Answer



What are the PJM E-Account requirements necessary to complete the Transmission Amendments?

Section 7 of each ... Read Answer



Did the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (“Board”) approve the EDC’s proposal to remove transmission from the BGS product for existing Supplier Master Agreements (“SMAs”)?

The EDCs proposed removing transmission from the BGS... Read Answer



Could you please provide the firm transmission service rate announced before each of the last three Auctions?

The transmission rates announced before the past three... Read Answer



Where can I find which specific PJM TEC Upgrades associated with ConEd/HTP/Linden VFT are subject to dispute?  When will payments made to BGS Suppliers reflect these costs?

The cost allocations in dispute regarding specific PJM TEC... Read Answer



Could you please provide an estimate of the amount held in escrow for the benefit of BGS Suppliers related to the transmission cost reallocations from the ConEd Wheel, Linden VFT, and Hudson Transmission Partners (“HTP”)? 

The table below provides the amounts held by each EDC as of... Read Answer


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