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ANNOUNCEMENT: Minimum and Maximum Starting Prices, Tranche Targets, and Load Caps for the 2024 BGS-RSCP Auction

Please find below, for the BGS-RSCP Auction:
  • the tranche target for each EDC;
  • the statewide load cap;
  • the load cap for each EDC; and
  • the size and MW-measure for each tranche.
A tranche target is the number of tranches needed for a given EDC at the beginning of the Auction.  There is a statewide load cap of 21 tranches, which is the maximum number of tranches that a bidder can bid in the Auction and serve statewide.  There is an EDC Load Cap for each EDC, which is a maximum number of tranches for the EDC that a bidder can bid in the Auction and serve for that EDC.
Peak Load Share (MW)
2024 Auction RSCP Peak Load Share Tranche Target EDC Load Cap Tranche Size (%) MW-Measure
PSE&G  7,837.85 2,674.09 29 14 1.18% 92.21
JCP&L 4,739.50 1,829.40 20 9 1.93% 91.47
ACE 2,301.30 732.20 7 3 4.55% 104.60
RECO 330.70 82.68 1 1 25.00% 82.68
Total 15,209.35 5,318.37 57 - - -
For the BGS-RSCP Auction, the statewide minimum starting price will be 12.00¢/kWh and the statewide maximum starting price will be 16.00¢/kWh.
In the first round of the BGS-RSCP Auction, prices will be set no lower than the minimum starting price and no higher than the maximum starting price.  In their Part 2 Applications, Qualified Bidders will submit indicative offers at the maximum starting price and at the minimum starting price.  Please see the BGS-RSCP Auction Rules for further details.

November 10, 2023.

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