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POSTING: Alternate Guaranty Process

Potential bidders in the 2024 BGS Auctions are invited to propose an alternate form of guaranty. This process, which is entirely optional, is intended for potential bidders that cannot use the Guaranty appended to the BGS Supplier Master Agreement. The alternate form of guaranty must meet the requirements specified in the Alternate Guaranty Process document posted on the Contract & Credit page.  In particular, the Guaranty must not be subject to any monetary limit.  A potential bidder that had secured approval for an alternate form of guaranty from one of the last five (5) BGS Auctions may follow an abbreviated approval process, also detailed in the Alternate Guaranty Process document.

The deadline to express interest in participating in the Alternate Guaranty Process is 12 PM (noon) EPT on Tuesday, October 24, 2023.  The BGS Auction Manager publishes a detailed schedule for the Alternate Guaranty Process on October 25, 2023 if parties have expressed interest by the deadline. 

September 12, 2023.

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