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Frequently Asked Questions - #70

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We understand that bidding agreements must be fully disclosed to the Auction Manager before the auctions start. Can a bidder enter into a bidding agreement with another entity at any point during the Auction Process as long as such disclosure is made?

No.  Any bidding agreement, joint venture for the purpose of bidding in the auction, bidding consortium, or other arrangement pertaining to bidding in the auction, must be fully disclosed in the Part 1 Application.  This implies that any such arrangement must be entered into before the Part 1 Applications are received and cannot be entered into later in the Auction Process.  In the Part 2 Application, a Qualified Bidder will be required to certify that, other than agreements disclosed in the Part 1 Application, the Qualified Bidder has not entered and will not enter into any agreement regarding bidding or participation in the auction.

11/15/2021, in Association and Confidential Information Rules.

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