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Frequently Asked Questions - #67

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Entity A’s parent company has plans to merge or to combine with another company.  This other company has a subsidiary, Entity B, which is also active in trading and marketing power in PJM.  Suppose that:

a) Entities A and B become Qualified Bidders in the auction; 

b) both Entities submit a Part 2 Application in which each certifies that it is not associated with the other; and

c) the merger closes after both Entities have submitted the Part 2 Application. 

Would the Entities be able to submit supplemental information to the Auction Manager and possibly register to bid in the auction if the merger closes before the Part 2 Application deadline?

Yes.  When the merger closes, the Entities will become associated.   If the association is created after Entities A and B have submitted their Part 2 Applications but before the Part 2 Application deadline, the Auction Manager would consider any supplemental information submitted by Entities A and B as a consequence of the creation of the association. 

11/15/2021, in Association and Confidential Information Rules.

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