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Frequently Asked Questions - #44

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Do the certifications of the Part 1 and Part 2 Applications that involve undertakings by bidders not to reveal confidential information when seeking quotes and making arrangements for BGS Supply cease to apply once the auction is completed? 

No.  The time period during which these certifications apply does not end when the auction is completed.

For instance, in its Part 2 Application, a Qualified Bidder undertakes not to disclose confidential information relative to its own bidding strategy, and undertakes to uphold this certification until the Board renders a decision on the auction results.  The certification extends beyond the time at which the auction closes.  The Board approves the auction results up to two business days after the close of the BGS-RSCP Auction or after the close of the BGS-CIEP Auction, whichever closes later.  Obtaining quotes or making arrangements for BGS Supply when the auction is completed may affect a bidder’s ability to uphold this certification.  See, for instance, FAQ-55 and FAQ-56, as well as all other questions and answers in the Transaction and Hedging section of this document.

Please note further that certifications concerning confidential information regarding the Auction Process hold beyond the Board approval of the auction results.  Please consult the Association and Confidential Information portion of the Auction Rules to review the time period during which each certification must hold.

11/15/2021, in Association and Confidential Information Rules.

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