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Frequently Asked Questions - #31

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The Part 1 Application asks whether we will be “bidding independently”. Are there specific rules that define what it means to be bidding independently?

Yes. If a bidder is party to a bidding agreement with another party, is part of a bidding consortium or joint venture for the purpose of bidding in the auction, or is party to any arrangement involving joint or coordinate bidding with another party, then the bidder is not bidding independently.  Any such agreement and arrangement must be disclosed in the Part 1 Application.

Furthermore, the Association and Confidential Information Rules included in the BGS-RSCP Auction Rules (section VII.E.) and the BGS-CIEP Auction Rules (section VI.E.) provide specific criteria for one bidder to be associated with another bidder.  Such associations are links among bidders that may impede their ability to act independently.  Bidders are entirely responsible for reviewing these criteria and for evaluating their ability to make certifications in this regard.  Any such associations must be declared in the Part 2 Application. 

11/15/2021, in Association and Confidential Information Rules.

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