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Frequently Asked Questions - #12

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Does a BGS-RSCP Supplier have to put up liquid security to meet the $2.4M per tranche won?

BGS-RSCP Suppliers that meet certain criteria defined in Section 6.4 of the BGS-RSCP SMA will be granted an Independent Credit Threshold (“ICT”). The ICT is used by the BGS-RSCP Supplier to partially or fully cover the Independent Credit Requirement (“ICR”), which is calculated by multiplying the BGS-RSCP number of tranches by the Independent Credit Requirement per Tranche (“ICRT”). The ICRT is initially set at $2.4 million per tranche.  However, the ICRT declines in accordance with the schedule included as part of Appendix B to the BGS-RSCP SMA throughout the term of the supply period. 

8/12/2021, in Credit.

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