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REMINDER: Deadline to Propose Modifications to the Letters of Credit is Today, October 27

The Auction Manager has posted two forms of the DRAFT Pre-Auction Letter of Credit for each Auction: (i) a draft form that allows for hardcopy delivery of the Pre-Auction Letter of Credit to the BGS Auction Manager; and (ii) a draft form that allows for delivery to the BGS Auction Manager via electronic means only.  In addition, the Auction Manager has posted the DRAFT Post-Auction Letter of Credit.  

Potential bidders are invited to propose modifications by submitting a redline of these documents in Microsoft Word.  The deadline for proposing modifications is 12 PM (noon) (EPT) on Tuesday, October 27, 2020.

Potential bidders may download the MS Word format of each Letter of Credit from the Contract & Credit page. For a complete description of the comment process, please refer to the document titled “Comment Process on the Letters of Credit (Pre-Auction and Post-Auction)” also posted on the Contract & Credit page.

The exclusive method for submitting proposed modifications to a Letter of Credit is as a redline MS Word document of the Draft Letter of Credit. Potential bidders send the redlined Draft Letter of Credit to the BGS Auction Manager at the following address:

If you have any questions, you can submit them through the ask a question page of the “contact us” tab.

October 27, 2020.

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