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INVITATION: Comment Process for Letters of Credit (Hardcopy and Electronic)

The Auction Manager has posted two forms of the DRAFT Pre-Auction Letter of Credit for each Auction: (i) a draft form that allows for hardcopy delivery of the Pre-Auction Letter of Credit to the BGS Auction Manager; and (ii) a draft form that allows for delivery to the BGS Auction Manager via electronic means only.  In addition, the Auction Manager has posted the DRAFT Post-Auction Letter of Credit.  

Potential bidders are invited to propose modifications by submitting a redline of these documents in Microsoft Word.  Potential bidders may include explanatory notes.  For each modification proposed to a Letter of Credit, the electric distribution companies (“EDCs”) will:

  1. accept the modification and revise the Letter of Credit; or
  2. approve the use of the modification on an optional basis; or
  3. reject the proposed modification.

Potential bidders may download the MS Word format of each Letter of Credit from the Contract & Credit page. For a complete description of the comment process, please refer to the document titled “Comment Process on the Letters of Credit (Pre-Auction and Post-Auction)” also posted on the Contract & Credit page.

The exclusive method for submitting proposed modifications to a Letter of Credit is as a redline MS Word document of the Draft Letter of Credit. Potential bidders send the redlined Draft Letter of Credit to the BGS Auction Manager at the following address:

October 12, 2020.

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