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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are provided in this section. 

The first posting of FAQs is in August.  The last posting of FAQs is in the latter part of January, after bidders are registered to participate in the Auctions.   From that point, questions and answers are emailed directly to Registered Bidders and are not posted to the BGS Auction website.  Questions that are not from Registered Bidders or their advisors are answered strictly on a best efforts basis.

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SMA Section 15.9


Will the transmission rates announced by the EDCs and the Auction Manager in January 2019 reflect the 7th circuit and Linden VFT/HTP transmission?

When the transmission rates are announced in January, the... Read Answer



When will the EDCs collect from BGS customers the costs associated with the VFT/HTP reallocation and the costs associated with the 7th Circuit reallocation?

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has authorized the... Read Answer



Can the EDCs make available historical data comparing the transmission service rates charged by PJM to the monthly rate paid to BGS suppliers by each of the EDCs?

Unfortunately, the EDCs cannot make the data that you seek... Read Answer



PJM has introduced Billing Line Items #1108A and 1115, which are in regards to the reallocation of transmission costs from Linden VFT and Hudson Transmission Partners (HTP) pursuant to FERC Order EL05-121-009. Are these transmission costs eligible for recovery under Section 15.9 of the BGS Supplier Master Agreements?

Pursuant to Section 15.9 of the Supplier Master Agreement... Read Answer



Could you please provide the firm transmission service rate announced before each of the last three Auctions? Are filings and orders for changes in the transmission rate available on the BGS Auction website?

The base rates for firm transmission service are announced... Read Answer


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