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Frequently Asked Questions - #36

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I am seeing reductions in JCP&L’s BGS-RSCP Capacity PLC data relative to JCP&L’s BGS-RSCP Transmission PLC data between 5/31/2018 and 6/1/2018 in the data posted to the monthly data room. Could you please confirm that the data provided in the monthly data room is accurate?

JCP&L has confirmed that the data provided is accurate.

Please note that each bidder is entirely responsible for analysis of the data provided. All data are provided for informational purposes only. The EDCs have compiled the data in good faith from sources believed by the EDCs to be reliable but do not warrant the accuracy of the data. It is the responsibility of users of the posted data to determine whether and how they should be applied; by utilizing the data, users assume all risk associated therewith.

8/21/2018, in Data.

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