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Frequently Asked Questions - #18

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The BGS-CIEP Hourly Load data for JCP&L posted to the BGS Data Room seems to be 10-13% more than our PJM settlement data.  What is the explanation for this?

JCP&L has identified the source of the discrepancy.  Some JCP&L CIEP customers have on-site generation.  For PJM settlement purposes, JCP&L (consistent with the other EDCs) reports the net BGS-CIEP load (i.e., net of on-site generation) to PJM.  The net BGS-CIEP load (reduced by excess generation) was then assigned to suppliers based on BGS-CIEP responsibility shares.  The BGS-CIEP load in the BGS Data Room was developed without netting excess generation.  The result is a discrepancy between the BGS-CIEP load data in the BGS Data Room and the load that was used for settlement.

Files of excess generation are provided for:


2. CIEP Eligible

3. Total BGS

4. Total Retail

5. Certain BGS-CIEP Eligible Customers (GS/GST)

Excess generation data is provided for November 2014 forward for BGS-CIEP, Total BGS, and Total Retail.  Excess generation data is provided for November 2015 forward for CIEP-Eligible and Certain BGS-CIEP Eligible Customers.  Each excess generation file is posted alongside its corresponding hourly load file in the BGS Data Room.

To develop BGS-CIEP load data that is consistent with how BGS-CIEP load has been reported to PJM for settlement purposes, a bidder would sum the excess generation with the BGS-CIEP load reported in the BGS Data Room.  The same calculation can also be used to develop total hourly BGS load, total hourly retail load, total hourly CIEP-Eligible load, and total hourly load for certain CIEP-Eligible customers net of excess generation.

Please note that JCP&L believes the data within these files are good estimates, the resulting calculations may not be exact and may not exactly replicate PJM settlement data.

8/14/2018, in Data.

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